Oh, How Fitting To Praise God!

Psalm 147:1 “How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him.”

Point To Ponder: The unwarranted Grace & Mercy of God, renewed each day, should create a song of praise in us. The Unfailing Love of God that kept us through the night should prompt is to sing, ‘Oh How I Love Jesus because He first loved me.’ In a difficult situation, sing a verse of ‘I’ve seen to many victories to let defeat have the last word! In any situation, God’s Amazing Grace Is Sufficient! In times of plenty, praise should ring from our voices ‘He keeps on blessing me; over & over again!’ Oh, how good it is to praise God! So, I sing because I’m happy & free; I know He watches over me! In all aspects of our life, it’s just fitting to praise Him! God Is Speaking! Are we listening?


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