I Am The Lord!

Exodus 15:26 “. . . I am the Lord that heals thee.”

Point To Ponder: It is only God that heals. It is only God that can fill that space inside us we all long to be filled; it’s that space we attempt to fill with anything but Him. Are we listening? God is speaking; “I AM the Lord that heals thee.” God’s healing covers the whole of man! God can heal our relationship with Him, one another; even the relationship we have with ourselves! God’s healing renews our mind through His Word & changes our view of Him, ourselves and others. If we would only humble ourselves before Him & seek His forgiveness; God will heal, He will reconcile, He will supply all we need – just when needed in order that we know He Is All We Need! “I am the Lord that heals thee.” God Is Speaking! Are we listening?


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