God Is Speaking-Why Are You So Fearful?

Mark 4:40 “And he said to them, why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?

Point To Ponder: Listen! God is Speaking! Things have occurred to us; most beyond our paygrade to handle! From God’s perspective, no life circumstance is wasted unless we choose it to be so. Whatever has occurred, God can still use us & circumstances for His Glory! How we think determines how we feel. How we feel determines how we act. No more negative thinking! By faith, let us act like God’s child! In His Word discover what He thinks; how He feels & replace faithless thinking with an act of fruitful faith IN Him! Faith replaces fear! Faith becomes alive in us by effective action by us. By faith, hear the Voice of God! Lift our faith out of the thinking stage. Tell our mountain; it has done enough talking! Let God know you are available to Him. Lord, ‘here I am; send me!


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