Always Pray-Don’t Give Up!

Luke 18:1 “Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.”

Point To Ponder: There is no circumstance, no reason nor any season to ever give up on God. Faithful & Persistent prayer is Powerful because it is too Whom we are praying to. Prayer moves us towards the Sufficient Grace of God! In His Capable Hand, God is holding, keeping, and sustaining us. Praying is a God Concept and He desires to hear from us! Prayer should not be an emotionless routine, but a passion! Not half-needed; sheer necessity! Things may not always turn out as we desire, but pray anyway! While at ‘The Throne’ cast all cares at His feet. Have a little talk with Jesus; tell Him all about your troubles. In God’s Time; in His Way; in His Good & Perfect Will, He will answer by and by! God Is Speaking! Do not give up! Are we listening?


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