Be Encouraged In God’s Love!

Psalm 13:5 “I trust in your love. My heart is happy because you saved me.”

Point To Ponder: “I trust;” I’m confident, I am convinced God will not change! I’m convinced “In Your Love;” and ‘I’ know God’s Love is unfailing & always acts in my best interest. Oh, at the site of trouble, I may slip, but thanks to His Spirit, His Word & His Love, ‘My heart is content in Him.’ No matter how bleak it seems, no what the media or politicians or so-called experts are feeding the masses, My heart is content in Christ who IS the Giver & Keeper of life! I don’t know what all today may bring or what tomorrow may hold, yet I trust in the Love of God! While the world may have given up on true love, I know God cannot run out of Love! It was The Love Of God that saved me! That Love is Jesus! Be Encouraged, In The Love Of God!


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