Meet the Pastors of East Bay Bible Church

Pastor Ronald Jackson, Sr., is a charter member of East Bay Bible Church (EBBC), Oakland, CA, and one of the Pastors. As Pastor, he has been charged with shepherding the people to live purpose-driven lives, as demonstrated through worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism.

He was born and raised in Oakland, California. Under the guidance of his parents, Pastor Ron was introduced to God at an early age. As he grew in faith, his commitment to Christ was further manifested by his participation in Sunday School and weekday Bible studies.

As a charter member of East Bay Bible Church, he has spent the past 25+ years under the leadership of his teacher and mentor, Dr. M.D. Reedus, Pastor Emeritus. Under Dr. Reedus’ tutelage, Pastor Ron attended Bay Cities Bible Institute (Oakland, CA) where he learned to sharpen his understanding and practical application of God’s Word. During this time, he was blessed to be personally taught by Dr. Reedus.

In 2012, Pastor Ron accepted the call to preach the Gospel of Christ. He has more than two decades of experience teaching Sunday School classes, week-day Bible studies, and leading several ministries; including, Men’s Ministry, Deacon’s Ministry, and the Married Couples Ministry. He is also a faithful member of the EBBC’s Men’s Chorus bringing in the baritone.

For the past 40 years, Pastor Ron has been happily married to his lovely wife, Jann Jackson. They are the blessed parents of three children: Kasha (Anthony), Ronald II (April), and Brigée. Pastor Ron and his wife are also the blessed grandparents of four grandchildren, Ambrey (Kasha & Anthony); Myles, Noelle & Naomi (Ronald II & April).

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“Fun Facts about Pastor Ron”:

Hobbies: Family Gatherings! I enjoy watching the love and joyfulness my family shows to one another and seeing how each generation of our family loves to be around one another. When we get together; we get together!

Favorite Food: Fish & Chips

Favorite Bible verse/ “Go-to” Scripture: 8th Chapter of Romans. Because of Christ, God no longer condemns me; there is nothing (not even me) that can separate me from the Love of God!

If you could leave a message for the church body, what would it be? Never give up on God! He has and shall never give up on you!

One hope for EBBC: See Above!

Pastor Derek L. Jackson, is one of the Pastors of East Bay Bible Church (Oakland, CA). As a Pastor, he has been charged with upholding the mission to deliberately engage in matching people with Christ and bringing them to membership in His family, developing them to Christlike maturity, and equipping them for ministry in life, in the church, and in the world, so that God’s name may be magnified.

He was born and raised in Oakland, California. Pastor Derek’s parents introduced him to Christ at an early age. Prior to finding a church to call home, his father would hold weekly Bible studies at their kitchen table, setting the foundation for his personal walk with the Lord.

Since joining EBBC, Pastor Derek has been an active member and leader of the Young Adult and Audio-Visual ministries. There, he was able to nurture his gifts of writing and encouraging youth. Through participation in ministry, Pastor Derek helped organize several outreach events with an emphasis on servanthood and evangelism.

In 2012, he accepted the call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Derek continues to proclaim that Christianity is not a religion, it is a personal relationship with the one true God. Essential to his growing faith and ministry is teaching others to grow in relationship with God and with people (Matthew 22:37-40; Matthew 28:18-20).

Pastor Derek has attained a B.A. from San Francisco State University, in Cinema (2006). Recently, he earned a Master of Divinity (April 2020). He is happily married to his partner-in-life, Nasa Jackson, and has been blessed to have two beautiful children: Bryan and Menah.

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“Fun Facts about Pastor Derek”:

Favorite Hobbies: Writing, Bowling, Studying Film

Favorite Food: Catfish, Hamburgers & Fries

Favorite Bible verse/”Go-to” Scripture: Matthew 6:33, John 14:15, Romans 1:16

If you could leave a message for the church body, what would it be?  Read the Bible for yourself daily so that your sword may be sharpened for spiritual warfare.

One hope for EBBC:  That we grow in faith and obedience to God.